About Me

My name is Candra (actually pronounced Chandra), it’s spelt in its original sanskrit (without the H). I am the creator of Divine Warrior Yoga and I help men and women of all ages reconnect with their bodies through the healing power of yoga.

I am a yogi, entrepenur, teacher, singer, an adventurer and a gypsy at heart. I love people, culture, communication and CONNECTION. I believe it is through our relationships that we really grow (MUCH kudos and respect to those who can meditate in solitude or a cave but that ain’t for me).

I believe creating a community of likeminded people is essential and that we should surround ourselves with those who hold us to our highest self (we all need our champions). I feel blessed to have a quirky and unconventional family who are deeply inspired by a care and concern for the planet and its inhabitants and who hold the desire to make a difference and to help others AND who I can rave on and on with.

I LOVE having a good belly laugh. After 7.5 years of living in Ireland I have developed a deep appreciation in having a sense of humour and not taking yourself too seriously.

I love getting down to the heart of things- talking about what matters most in life and living my life in such a way that reflects my deepest values and who I am AND living heartfully and compassionately.

I believe that you can be spiritual and grounded AND can pay your bills doing what you love.

Life is to be lived and deeply experienced- not from a lofty mental perspective but lived with all parts of us united- our body, our hearts, our minds and spirits.