Remove the blocks, resistance and preconceptions you have around meditation. The biggest stumbling block you have to experiencing and enjoying meditation is your own ideas about how it is supposed to be.

Guided meditation classes at Divine Warrior studio have been designed to demystify meditation and make it as easy and accessible as possible for beginners while also giving more advanced and experienced meditators a supportive and nourishing environment in which to practice with other people. Our journey through the meditative process takes us first into our bodies to connect with the innate wisdom contained within. We look to establish a deeper state of calmness in our physiology so that we can journey within and explore our conscious awareness. We then connect with our thoughts and mind in a non judgmental way, exploring our thought processes and allow them to flow without resistance or inhibition. This facilitates a deeper letting go allowing us to relax into ourselves and establish a deeper relationship with our true self. From here we surrender to the true nature of our mind which is peace and allow this to inform our being. This allows us to then explore our relationship with our true spiritual self.

Mick Ryan (who operates Melbourne Acupuncture Centre) facilitates Meditation classes at the studio every Monday evening at 7.30pm.

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